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TNL::Meshes::MeshBuilder< Mesh > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using BoolVector = Containers::Vector< bool, Devices::Host, GlobalIndexType >
using CellSeedMatrixType = typename MeshTraitsType::CellSeedMatrixType
using CellSeedType = typename CellSeedMatrixType::EntitySeedMatrixSeed
using CellTopology = typename MeshTraitsType::CellTopology
using FaceSeedMatrixType = typename MeshTraitsType::FaceSeedMatrixType
using FaceSeedType = typename FaceSeedMatrixType::EntitySeedMatrixSeed
using GlobalIndexType = typename MeshTraitsType::GlobalIndexType
using LocalIndexType = typename MeshTraitsType::LocalIndexType
using MeshTraitsType = typename MeshType::MeshTraitsType
using MeshType = Mesh
using NeighborCountsArray = typename MeshTraitsType::NeighborCountsArray
using PointArrayType = typename MeshTraitsType::PointArrayType
using PointType = typename MeshTraitsType::PointType

Public Member Functions

void build (MeshType &mesh)
void deduplicateFaces ()
void deduplicatePoints (const double numericalThreshold=1e-9)
GlobalIndexType getCellsCount () const
CellSeedType getCellSeed (GlobalIndexType index)
GlobalIndexType getFacesCount () const
FaceSeedType getFaceSeed (GlobalIndexType index)
GlobalIndexType getPointsCount () const
void setCellCornersCounts (const NeighborCountsArray &counts)
void setCellCornersCounts (NeighborCountsArray &&counts)
void setEntitiesCount (const GlobalIndexType &points, const GlobalIndexType &cells=0, const GlobalIndexType &faces=0)
void setFaceCornersCounts (const NeighborCountsArray &counts)
void setFaceCornersCounts (NeighborCountsArray &&counts)
void setPoint (GlobalIndexType index, const PointType &point)

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