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TNL::Meshes::MeshEntity< MeshConfig, Device, EntityTopology_ > Class Template Reference
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Public Types

using DeviceType = Device
using EntityTopology = EntityTopology_
using GlobalIndexType = typename MeshType::GlobalIndexType
using LocalIndexType = typename MeshType::LocalIndexType
using MeshType = Mesh< MeshConfig, Device >
using PointType = typename MeshType::PointType
template<int Subdimension>
using SubentityTraits = typename MeshType::MeshTraitsType::template SubentityTraits< EntityTopology, Subdimension >
template<int Superdimension>
using SuperentityTraits = typename MeshType::MeshTraitsType::template SuperentityTraits< EntityTopology, Superdimension >
using TagType = typename MeshType::MeshTraitsType::EntityTagType

Public Member Functions

__cuda_callable__ MeshEntity (const MeshEntity &entity)=default
__cuda_callable__ MeshEntity (const MeshType &mesh, GlobalIndexType index)
__cuda_callable__ GlobalIndexType getIndex () const
 Returns the index of this mesh entity.
__cuda_callable__ const MeshTypegetMesh () const
 Returns a reference to the mesh that owns this mesh entity.
__cuda_callable__ PointType getPoint () const
 Returns the spatial coordinates of this vertex.
template<int Subdimension>
__cuda_callable__ LocalIndexType getSubentitiesCount () const
 Returns the count of subentities of this entity.
template<int Subdimension>
__cuda_callable__ GlobalIndexType getSubentityIndex (LocalIndexType localIndex) const
 Returns the global index of the subentity specified by its local index.
template<int Superdimension>
__cuda_callable__ LocalIndexType getSuperentitiesCount () const
 Returns the count of superentities of this entity.
template<int Superdimension>
__cuda_callable__ GlobalIndexType getSuperentityIndex (LocalIndexType localIndex) const
 Returns the global index of the superentity specified by its local index.
__cuda_callable__ TagType getTag () const
 Returns the tag associated with this entity.
__cuda_callable__ bool operator!= (const MeshEntity &entity) const
__cuda_callable__ MeshEntityoperator= (const MeshEntity &entity)=default
__cuda_callable__ bool operator== (const MeshEntity &entity) const

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr int getEntityDimension ()
 Returns the dimension of this mesh entity.

Protected Attributes

GlobalIndexType index = 0
const MeshTypemeshPointer = nullptr

Member Function Documentation

◆ getPoint()

template<typename MeshConfig , typename Device , typename EntityTopology >
__cuda_callable__ MeshEntity< MeshConfig, Device, EntityTopology >::PointType TNL::Meshes::MeshEntity< MeshConfig, Device, EntityTopology >::getPoint ( ) const

Returns the spatial coordinates of this vertex.

Can be used only when getEntityDimension returns 0.

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