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TNL::Meshes::DistributedMeshes::DistributedMesh< Mesh > Class Template Reference
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Public Types

using Cell = typename MeshType::template EntityType< getMeshDimension() >
using Config = typename Mesh::Config
using DeviceType = typename Mesh::DeviceType
using Face = typename MeshType::template EntityType< getMeshDimension() - 1 >
using GlobalIndexArray = typename Mesh::GlobalIndexArray
using GlobalIndexType = typename Mesh::GlobalIndexType
using LocalIndexType = typename Mesh::LocalIndexType
using MeshType = Mesh
using PointType = typename Mesh::PointType
using RealType = typename PointType::RealType
using Vertex = typename MeshType::template EntityType< 0 >
using VTKTypesArrayType = Containers::Array< std::uint8_t, Devices::Sequential, GlobalIndexType >

Public Member Functions

 DistributedMesh (const DistributedMesh &)=default
 DistributedMesh (DistributedMesh &&) noexcept=default
 DistributedMesh (MeshType &&localMesh)
const MPI::CommgetCommunicator () const
int getGhostLevels () const
template<int Dimension>
GlobalIndexArray & getGlobalIndices ()
template<int Dimension>
const GlobalIndexArray & getGlobalIndices () const
MeshTypegetLocalMesh ()
const MeshTypegetLocalMesh () const
bool operator!= (const DistributedMesh &other) const
DistributedMeshoperator= (const DistributedMesh &)=default
template<typename Mesh_ >
DistributedMeshoperator= (const Mesh_ &other)
DistributedMeshoperator= (DistributedMesh &&) noexcept=default
bool operator== (const DistributedMesh &other) const
void printInfo (std::ostream &str) const
template<int Dimension>
void reorderEntities (const GlobalIndexArray &perm, const GlobalIndexArray &iperm)
void setCommunicator (const MPI::Comm &communicator)
void setGhostLevels (int levels)
VTKTypesArrayTypevtkCellGhostTypes ()
const VTKTypesArrayTypevtkCellGhostTypes () const
VTKTypesArrayTypevtkPointGhostTypes ()
const VTKTypesArrayTypevtkPointGhostTypes () const

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr int getMeshDimension ()

Protected Attributes

MPI::Comm communicator = MPI_COMM_NULL
int ghostLevels = 0
MeshType localMesh
VTKTypesArrayType vtkCellGhostTypesArray
VTKTypesArrayType vtkPointGhostTypesArray

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TNL::Meshes::DistributedMeshes::GlobalIndexStorageFamily< Mesh, Device, DimensionTag >
 GlobalIndexStorageFamily (const GlobalIndexStorageFamily &)=default
 GlobalIndexStorageFamily (GlobalIndexStorageFamily &&) noexcept=default
GlobalIndexStorageFamilyoperator= (const GlobalIndexStorageFamily &)=default
template<typename Mesh_ >
GlobalIndexStorageFamilyoperator= (const Mesh_ &mesh)
GlobalIndexStorageFamilyoperator= (GlobalIndexStorageFamily &&) noexcept=default
bool operator== (const GlobalIndexStorageFamily &other) const

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMeshDimension()

template<typename Mesh >
static constexpr int TNL::Meshes::DistributedMeshes::DistributedMesh< Mesh >::getMeshDimension ( )

Common methods redirected to the local mesh

◆ setCommunicator()

template<typename Mesh >
void TNL::Meshes::DistributedMeshes::DistributedMesh< Mesh >::setCommunicator ( const MPI::Comm communicator)

Methods specific to the distributed mesh

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