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TNL::Containers::Expressions::DistributedUnaryExpressionTemplate< T1, Operation > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

using ConstLocalViewType = UnaryExpressionTemplate< typename T1::ConstLocalViewType, Operation >
using DeviceType = typename T1::DeviceType
using IndexType = typename T1::IndexType
using LocalRangeType = typename T1::LocalRangeType
using RealType = decltype(Operation{}(std::declval< T1 >()[0]))
using SynchronizerType = typename T1::SynchronizerType
using ValueType = RealType

Public Member Functions

 DistributedUnaryExpressionTemplate (const T1 &a)
const MPI::CommgetCommunicator () const
ConstLocalViewType getConstLocalView () const
ConstLocalViewType getConstLocalViewWithGhosts () const
RealType getElement (const IndexType i) const
IndexType getGhosts () const
LocalRangeType getLocalRange () const
IndexType getSize () const
std::shared_ptr< SynchronizerType > getSynchronizer () const
int getValuesPerElement () const
RealType operator[] (const IndexType i) const
void waitForSynchronization () const

Protected Attributes

const T1operand

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