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TNL::Allocators::CudaHost< T > Struct Template Reference

Allocator for page-locked memory on the host. More...

#include <TNL/Allocators/CudaHost.h>

Public Types

using difference_type = std::ptrdiff_t
using size_type = std::size_t
using value_type = T

Public Member Functions

 CudaHost (const CudaHost &)=default
template<class U >
 CudaHost (const CudaHost< U > &)
 CudaHost (CudaHost &&) noexcept=default
template<class U >
 CudaHost (CudaHost< U > &&)
value_type * allocate (size_type n)
void deallocate (value_type *ptr, size_type)
CudaHostoperator= (const CudaHost &)=default
template<class U >
CudaHostoperator= (const CudaHost< U > &)
CudaHostoperator= (CudaHost &&) noexcept=default
template<class U >
CudaHostoperator= (CudaHost< U > &&)

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct TNL::Allocators::CudaHost< T >

Allocator for page-locked memory on the host.

The allocation is done using the cudaMallocHost function and the deallocation is done using the cudaFreeHost function.

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