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TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreEuclid Class Reference

Wrapper for the Euclid preconditioner in Hypre. More...

#include <TNL/Solvers/Linear/Hypre.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HypreEuclid (const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrix &A)
 HypreEuclid (MPI_Comm comm)
HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn setupFcn () const override
 Hypre's internal setup function.
HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn solveFcn () const override
 Hypre's internal solve function.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver
 HypreSolver (const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrix &A)
virtual operator HYPRE_Solver () const
 Type-cast to HYPRE_Solver.
void setErrorMode (ErrorMode err_mode) const
 Set the behavior for treating Hypre errors, see the ErrorMode enum. The default mode in the base class is ABORT_HYPRE_ERRORS.
virtual void setMatrix (const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrix &op, bool reuse_setup=false)
 Set the matrix of the linear system to be solved.
virtual void setup (const Containers::HypreParVector &b, Containers::HypreParVector &x) const
 Setup the solver for solving the linear system Ax=b.
virtual void solve (const Containers::HypreParVector &b, Containers::HypreParVector &x) const
 Solve the linear system Ax=b.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver
 How to treat errors returned by Hypre function calls. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver
virtual void postSolveHook () const
 Hook function that is called at the end of solve.
- Protected Attributes inherited from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver
const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrixA = nullptr
 The linear system matrix.
ErrorMode error_mode = ABORT_HYPRE_ERRORS
 How to treat Hypre errors.
bool setup_called = false
 Indicates if Hypre's setup function was already called.
HYPRE_Solver solver = nullptr
 Handle for the Hypre solver.

Detailed Description

Wrapper for the Euclid preconditioner in Hypre.

Euclid implements the Parallel Incomplete LU factorization technique. For more information see: "A Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Incomplete Factor Preconditioning" by David Hysom and Alex Pothen, https://doi.org/10.1137/S1064827500376193

Parameters can be set using native Hypre functions, e.g.

HYPRE_EuclidSetLevel(precond, 2);
Wrapper for the Euclid preconditioner in Hypre.
Definition Hypre.h:593

See the Hypre Reference Manual for the available parameters.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setupFcn()

HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreEuclid::setupFcn ( ) const

Hypre's internal setup function.

Implements TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver.

◆ solveFcn()

HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreEuclid::solveFcn ( ) const

Hypre's internal solve function.

Implements TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver.

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