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TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreBoomerAMG Class Reference

Wrapper for the BoomerAMG solver/preconditioner in Hypre. More...

#include <TNL/Solvers/Linear/Hypre.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HypreBoomerAMG (const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrix &A)
HYPRE_Int getNumIterations () const
void setAdvectiveOptions (int restrict_type=0, int relax_order=1)
 Set parameters to use AIR AMG solver for advection-dominated problems.
void setMaxIter (int max_iter)
void setPrintLevel (int print_level)
 Set the print level: 0 = none, 1 = setup, 2 = solve, 3 = setup+solve.
void setSystemsOptions (int dim, bool order_bynodes=false)
 More robust options for systems of PDEs.
void setTol (double tol)
HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn setupFcn () const override
 Hypre's internal setup function.
HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn solveFcn () const override
 Hypre's internal solve function.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver
 HypreSolver (const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrix &A)
virtual operator HYPRE_Solver () const
 Type-cast to HYPRE_Solver.
void setErrorMode (ErrorMode err_mode) const
 Set the behavior for treating Hypre errors, see the ErrorMode enum. The default mode in the base class is ABORT_HYPRE_ERRORS.
virtual void setMatrix (const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrix &op, bool reuse_setup=false)
 Set the matrix of the linear system to be solved.
virtual void setup (const Containers::HypreParVector &b, Containers::HypreParVector &x) const
 Setup the solver for solving the linear system Ax=b.
virtual void solve (const Containers::HypreParVector &b, Containers::HypreParVector &x) const
 Solve the linear system Ax=b.

Protected Member Functions

void postSolveHook () const override
 Hook function that is called at the end of solve.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver
 How to treat errors returned by Hypre function calls. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver
const Matrices::HypreParCSRMatrixA = nullptr
 The linear system matrix.
ErrorMode error_mode = ABORT_HYPRE_ERRORS
 How to treat Hypre errors.
bool setup_called = false
 Indicates if Hypre's setup function was already called.
HYPRE_Solver solver = nullptr
 Handle for the Hypre solver.

Detailed Description

Wrapper for the BoomerAMG solver/preconditioner in Hypre.

Note that the wrapper class sets its own default options that are different from Hypre. By default, the instance is set up for preconditioner use, i.e. with zero tolerance and one V cycle. At least these two parameters need to be changed when used as a solver.

Parameters can be set using native Hypre functions, e.g.

HYPRE_BoomerAMGSetTol(solver, 1e-7);
HYPRE_BoomerAMGSetMaxIter(solver, 20);
Wrapper for the BoomerAMG solver/preconditioner in Hypre.
Definition Hypre.h:688
HYPRE_Solver solver
Handle for the Hypre solver.
Definition Hypre.h:31

See the Hypre Reference Manual for the available parameters.

Member Function Documentation

◆ postSolveHook()

void TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreBoomerAMG::postSolveHook ( ) const

Hook function that is called at the end of solve.

Reimplemented from TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver.

◆ setAdvectiveOptions()

void TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreBoomerAMG::setAdvectiveOptions ( int  restrict_type = 0,
int  relax_order = 1 

Set parameters to use AIR AMG solver for advection-dominated problems.

See "Nonsymmetric Algebraic Multigrid Based on Local Approximate Ideal Restriction (AIR)," Manteuffel, Ruge, Southworth, SISC (2018), DOI:/10.1137/17M1144350.

restrict_typeDefines which parallel restriction operator is used. There are the following options: 0: transpose of the interpolation operator 1: AIR-1 - Approximate Ideal Restriction (distance 1) 2: AIR-2 - Approximate Ideal Restriction (distance 2)
relax_orderDefines in which order the points are relaxed. There are the following options: 0: the points are relaxed in natural or lexicographic order on each processor 1: CF-relaxation is used

◆ setupFcn()

HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreBoomerAMG::setupFcn ( ) const

Hypre's internal setup function.

Implements TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver.

◆ solveFcn()

HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreBoomerAMG::solveFcn ( ) const

Hypre's internal solve function.

Implements TNL::Solvers::Linear::HypreSolver.

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