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TNL::Real< T > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 Real (const Real &v)
template<class S >
 Real (const S &d)
T & Data ()
const T & Data () const
 operator double () const
 operator int () const
bool operator! () const
bool operator!= (const Real &v) const
bool operator!= (const T &v) const
bool operator&& (const Real &v) const
const Realoperator* (const Real &v) const
template<class S >
const Realoperator* (const S &v) const
const Realoperator*= (const Real &v)
template<class S >
const Realoperator*= (const S &v)
const Realoperator+ (const Real &v) const
template<class S >
const Realoperator+ (const S &v) const
const Realoperator+= (const Real &v)
template<class S >
const Realoperator+= (const S &v)
const Realoperator- () const
const Realoperator- (const Real &v) const
template<class S >
const Realoperator- (const S &v) const
const Realoperator-= (const Real &v)
template<class S >
const Realoperator-= (const S &v)
const Realoperator/ (const Real &v) const
template<class S >
const Realoperator/ (const S &v) const
const Realoperator/= (const Real &v)
template<class S >
const Realoperator/= (const S &v)
bool operator< (const Real &v) const
bool operator< (const T &v) const
bool operator<= (const Real &v) const
bool operator<= (const T &v) const
const Realoperator= (const Real &v)
const Realoperator= (const T &v)
bool operator== (const Real &v) const
bool operator== (const T &v) const
bool operator> (const Real &v) const
bool operator> (const T &v) const
bool operator>= (const Real &v) const
bool operator>= (const T &v) const
bool operator|| (const Real &v) const

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