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TNL::Atomic< T, Devices::Cuda > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using value_type = T

Public Member Functions

__cuda_callable__ Atomic (const Atomic &desired) noexcept
__cuda_callable__ constexpr Atomic (T desired) noexcept
__cuda_callable__ bool compare_exchange_strong (T &expected, T desired) noexcept
__cuda_callable__ bool compare_exchange_weak (T &expected, T desired) noexcept
__cuda_callable__exchange (T desired) noexcept
__cuda_callable__fetch_add (T arg)
__cuda_callable__fetch_and (T arg)
__cuda_callable__fetch_max (T arg) noexcept
__cuda_callable__fetch_min (T arg) noexcept
__cuda_callable__fetch_or (T arg)
__cuda_callable__fetch_sub (T arg)
__cuda_callable__fetch_xor (T arg)
constexpr bool is_always_lock_free () const noexcept
bool is_lock_free () const noexcept
__cuda_callable__load () const noexcept
__cuda_callable__ operator T () const noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator&= (T arg) noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator++ () noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator++ (int) noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator+= (T arg) noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator-- () noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator-- (int) noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator-= (T arg) noexcept
__cuda_callable__ Atomicoperator= (const Atomic &desired) noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator= (T desired) noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator^= (T arg) noexcept
__cuda_callable__operator|= (T arg) noexcept
__cuda_callable__ void store (T desired) noexcept

Protected Attributes


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