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TNL::Algorithms::Segments::BiEllpackSegmentView< Index, Organization, WarpSize > Class Template Reference
Collaboration diagram for TNL::Algorithms::Segments::BiEllpackSegmentView< Index, Organization, WarpSize >:

Public Types

using GroupsWidthType = Containers::StaticVector< getGroupsCount(), IndexType >
using IndexType = Index

Public Member Functions

__cuda_callable__ BiEllpackSegmentView (BiEllpackSegmentView &&) noexcept=default
__cuda_callable__ BiEllpackSegmentView (const BiEllpackSegmentView &)=default
__cuda_callable__ BiEllpackSegmentView (IndexType segmentIdx, IndexType offset, IndexType inStripIdx, const GroupsWidthType &groupsWidth)
__cuda_callable__ IndexType getGlobalIndex (IndexType localIdx) const
__cuda_callable__ IndexType getSegmentIndex () const
__cuda_callable__ IndexType getSize () const
__cuda_callable__ BiEllpackSegmentViewoperator= (BiEllpackSegmentView &&) noexcept=default
__cuda_callable__ BiEllpackSegmentViewoperator= (const BiEllpackSegmentView &)=default

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr int getGroupsCount ()
static constexpr int getLogWarpSize ()
static constexpr int getWarpSize ()

Protected Attributes

IndexType groupOffset
GroupsWidthType groupsWidth
IndexType inStripIdx
IndexType segmentIdx
IndexType segmentSize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BiEllpackSegmentView()

template<typename Index , ElementsOrganization Organization, int WarpSize = 32>
__cuda_callable__ TNL::Algorithms::Segments::BiEllpackSegmentView< Index, Organization, WarpSize >::BiEllpackSegmentView ( IndexType segmentIdx,
IndexType offset,
IndexType inStripIdx,
const GroupsWidthType & groupsWidth )


segmentIdxis the segment index.
offsetis offset of the first group of the strip the segment belongs to.
inStripIdxis index of the segment within its strip.
groupsWidthis a static vector containing widths of the strip groups.

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