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TNL::Containers::Subrange< Index > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using IndexType = Index

Public Member Functions

__cuda_callable__ Subrange (Index begin, Index end)
__cuda_callable__ Index getBegin () const
__cuda_callable__ Index getEnd () const
__cuda_callable__ Index getGlobalIndex (Index i) const
__cuda_callable__ Index getLocalIndex (Index i) const
__cuda_callable__ Index getSize () const
__cuda_callable__ bool isLocal (Index i) const
__cuda_callable__ bool operator!= (const Subrange &other) const
__cuda_callable__ bool operator== (const Subrange &other) const
__cuda_callable__ void reset ()
__cuda_callable__ void setSubrange (Index begin, Index end)

Protected Attributes

Index begin = 0
Index end = 0

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