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TNL::Containers::IndexedMap< Value, Index, Key > Class Template Reference
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struct  DataWithIndex

Public Types

using IndexType = Index
using KeyType = Key
using ValueType = Value

Public Member Functions

bool find (const ValueType &data, IndexType &index) const
ValuegetElement (KeyType key)
const ValuegetElement (KeyType key) const
IndexType getSize () const
IndexType insert (const ValueType &data)
void print (std::ostream &str) const
void reset ()
template<typename ArrayType >
void toArray (ArrayType &array) const

Protected Types

using STDMapIteratorType = typename STDMapType::const_iterator
using STDMapType = std::map< Key, DataWithIndex >
using STDMapValueType = typename STDMapType::value_type

Protected Attributes

STDMapType map

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